Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hello! Everything is going...TOO WELL that now I'm pretty nervous of what comes next.
But it's pretty good to taste some happy feelings.

There are four...uh okay, maybe three projects I'm working on currently.
One super main, and two minors.

1. The 3rd Year Film: 

I'm on rough animation stage...kinda...yeah..
Since I don't think I'm going to play around with scenes except some minor ones,
I decided to start animating...roughly.
I plan to finish my rough of 4 scenes, and I I'm on 3rd one?
Idk...I'm the one who always start the earliest and finishes the last, so..yeah...
let's try not to hope...uh..some miracles. haha.

2. A Board Game:

I am almost done with setting rules of "Somewhat Odd".
Now I have to put some details on them such as what kinda of situation they will face and how they will deal with it.
When I finish this process, I'll start to draw my design...and hopefully, I can find some good printing places!

3. A Card Game:
I don't know why I finished this earlier than the board game..But yep!
"So-ri-so-moon-up-si (Sans any Sound)" will be published as soon as I
finish its artworks. Images above were the "candidates" for the game's case design.
Through those hardships of decisions, I finally picked the winner, and as I mentioned, now I'm on progress of drawing it~ (Thanks to my friends who helped me to decide)

As soon as I finish it, I'll test play it with some of my friends.
Ahhh, I hope there won't be serious glitches...

(Maybe) 4. A Cartoon
I'm not really working on this now, but I'm starting to gathering some ideas to make this.
As I said in the post few days ago,
 this is a story of a soon-will-be-dead girl and a dead guy.
The title will be "Misfortune of Life"...But I can sense some sort of a grammatical error,
so I might tweak with small parts.

Sooooooo, those were my current passages of life!
Last year was a year of unfocused, so this year will be filled with hocus "focus".
Ahh, hopefully everything goes well~ 

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