Thursday, November 15, 2012

Character Design Stuffs

Chinese Vampire for Halloween-special assignment

...And Fantastic 4. Yep.

Push Push Push!!

I am basically going through my school account and digging all the stuffs that I didn't post right now.
Well, This is an animation that I did for my animation assignment. I had lots of fun inking it!
....and learned a lot also :)

Random Panicking Character

Wanted to make a girl who worries about everything all the time because she read too much of horror novel.

Room for Me You Them Us and Blah Blah

During the summer break, I and my friend made really chaotic creepy(of course) story about two girls who are individually trapped in oddly-decorated rooms. I got to design one girl's room, so I tried to make it look as non-creepy as possible but creepy inside! Basically, "unbalance" was the keyword.

We stopped making this story through because both of our school started, but it would be nice to finish this haha.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Little Conversation

"Aren't you lonesome?"
"Why should I? I am the one who is embraced by all these sleeping dreams."