Monday, October 28, 2013


Oh gosh..
Well, I guess I have some time to type few words.
Maybe I can post stuff during this crunch week.
Well, yeah. ha haha oh gosh my bunny...:(....

Friday, October 25, 2013

Playing with Photoshop

I'm starting to get friendly with Photoshop effects.....

Well, heyheyhey!
I probably won't post anything next week, so here is my last post for 2 weeks.
Now I'm working on small arrangement of the animatic, preparing for my mid-resident review, and slowly dying!
Everything is doing so great~Well, I'm pretty nervous for all of them. But I'll try my best, including the dying part. Yes, I'll try to die slow.

Let me introduce my favorite artist!

           I believe that the happiest life for an artist is based on how well he is expressing his opinion of what he loves and believes. Today, I want to introduce one artist who is doing what he wants and put what he enjoys in his art. The name of the artist is Gyung-Gyu Cho. He is Korean graphic designer and currently drawing web comic strips in Daum, one of Korea’s major web portals. When you look at his work, the structure of his line work is quite simple which is composed of a combination of bold outer line and thin inner line for little bit of details. However, the way how he puts this simplicity together creates a miraculous harmony with a powerful color.

           Gyung-Gyu Cho studied graphic design in PRATT Institute in New York. After he graduated, he started working as an illustrator, graphic artist, and comic artist in Korea. His recent works are Chinese Bong Bong Club and Panda Dance series, and he is currently drawing a comic strip titled Omurice Jam Jam about which a relationship between foods and his family.
Cho usually uses a line without pressure and vivid primary colors. Strong sense of color and a use of simple flat lines like old posters in 80s could be acknowledged as a bit tacky. However, unlike modern art’s hidden message veiled with numerous detailed textures and filters, Cho’s art world intensively and bluntly delivers his raw idea to audiences.

For example, in this illustration he drew for a cartoon magazine Poptoon, although Cho used modern-technology(Photoshop) to draw, rough touch of a pen, shading composed only with fine lines, and color choice of vividness recalls reminiscence of former cartoon styles and covers. Additionally, even the character’s expressions such as wide opened eyes and crying with amusement are overly exaggerated like how actors did in old films. Gyung-Gyu Cho stated about his vintage style that, “There was the day when these kind of styles were stylish. Even when I was young, robots like Mazinger were popular, and they weren't that sophisticated but full of ostentatious color. As with printouts, they were also with primary colors and considered as splendid instead of being kitsch. For me, I am still intrigued by those”(link). Now his taste of art soaked in memories is one of the minor styles, he still builds his own unique art with passion. Emerged with his love and confidence toward the style, I am always fascinated by his illustrations and start to meditate upon my good old days.

       The second but the biggest reason why I love his art is from storytelling skill. He starts with a matter that seems totally unrelated with his topic, and flawlessly connects to what he wants to show. For example, there was one episode about a tomato in his cartoon Omurice Jam Jam. At first, he talks about how his daughter loves to act as Disney princesses, and his son always supports her by taking roles of both prince and dwarf. Then, Cho points out a similarity between his son and a tomato that both of their roles are interchangeable –fruit and vegetable for tomato, and prince and dwarf for the son-, and he starts to explain a history of the tomato. As seen this episode, He harmonize incongruities with tiny dots of common between them. Uniting with his stream of consciousness, the audiences cross a river of his mind with a raft bound with ropes of the story.
           Because Gyung-Gyu Cho currently presents himself to the web only with his cartoons and portfolios, everybody who found him through the web doesn't know how he lives and what he does now. However, while the mystery of him, we are still able to know him because his artwork widely opens a window that connects to him. Surely the parts that were not shown on the art won't reveal their reality hiding in the dark, but strong aura of his arts connects the missing link between fragments of our perception towards his life.

         From an illustrator to comic artist, artist Gyung-Gyu Cho’s transformation is indeed dynamic. Because he takes majority of fame in the world of internet, Cho is known better from his sideline than his regular trade. Additionally, since he has such a distinctive and strong personality, his arts are usually not accepted to everyone. However, he doesn't care about other's eyes, but he describes himself by doing what he wants to do. Certainly his vintage-influenced art style and talented storytelling are also the reasons why I appreciate his art; however, his confidence and dignity as an artist always impresses me and makes me to look back my walk of life as an artist.

His portfolio page:
His collage art website:
His webtoon collection:

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Working on my film background...

Since I am a pretty "analog" lover, I think I'll use pencil brush and blur tool for this film,
and here is what I did for my back...back ground....yeah..looks pretty..simple, but I tried haha.

Umm...right now, I'm reading a book about perspective, so I can least little bit better to get comfortable with backgrounds.
Well, I'll do my best. Good night.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The last post for the day.

What will I be when I grow up? / Scientist? Novelist? Cook?/
"Well maybe I will be a..." "Hey." / "Beat it." alright. A small explanation.
A girl with a halo is future of the small girl.

...And for those who can read Korean...yep......laugh at me...ha ha haha

"Ah, I wanna play horror gamessssss." "Should I purchase extra cash for Hwesaek Dosi[the game I was playing]?"

..I think that was what I was saying. I don't know I don't know.
Okay, good night sleep tight!


In progress

I've been designing the cards for "Sans Any Sound (sori somoon upsi)"!
ahh! Wish me a luck!

...And here are some doodles I'd like to fill up this post..haha.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Doodles of original characters

Hazel / Looks pretty mean / but actually pretty faithful when you are in trouble.
Patrick / is Hazel's uncle / No. not really.
But/ They both are / half-black.

I..guess this is more like an inside joke.
I'll keep posting about stories about them, so people who might come here actually understand some stuffs of mine...

A sketch for one of my stories titled "My Sweet Sweet Child"...which I posted about this like 3 or 4 years ago...haha
A woman who is hugging a child is Sara Farmaker, a protagonist.

She is decent woman who loves her daughter and tries to live without her ex-husband's help. 
...And then something bad happens.

I was planning on make this as a web comic since I was in Freshman year,
but I was quite busy...haha so I'll try to finish this one too.

Wow, lots of goal for my life so far.
PC game..board well, I guess more reasons to live my life.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hello! Everything is going...TOO WELL that now I'm pretty nervous of what comes next.
But it's pretty good to taste some happy feelings.

There are four...uh okay, maybe three projects I'm working on currently.
One super main, and two minors.

1. The 3rd Year Film: 

I'm on rough animation stage...kinda...yeah..
Since I don't think I'm going to play around with scenes except some minor ones,
I decided to start animating...roughly.
I plan to finish my rough of 4 scenes, and I I'm on 3rd one?
Idk...I'm the one who always start the earliest and finishes the last, so..yeah...
let's try not to hope...uh..some miracles. haha.

2. A Board Game:

I am almost done with setting rules of "Somewhat Odd".
Now I have to put some details on them such as what kinda of situation they will face and how they will deal with it.
When I finish this process, I'll start to draw my design...and hopefully, I can find some good printing places!

3. A Card Game:
I don't know why I finished this earlier than the board game..But yep!
"So-ri-so-moon-up-si (Sans any Sound)" will be published as soon as I
finish its artworks. Images above were the "candidates" for the game's case design.
Through those hardships of decisions, I finally picked the winner, and as I mentioned, now I'm on progress of drawing it~ (Thanks to my friends who helped me to decide)

As soon as I finish it, I'll test play it with some of my friends.
Ahhh, I hope there won't be serious glitches...

(Maybe) 4. A Cartoon
I'm not really working on this now, but I'm starting to gathering some ideas to make this.
As I said in the post few days ago,
 this is a story of a soon-will-be-dead girl and a dead guy.
The title will be "Misfortune of Life"...But I can sense some sort of a grammatical error,
so I might tweak with small parts.

Sooooooo, those were my current passages of life!
Last year was a year of unfocused, so this year will be filled with hocus "focus".
Ahh, hopefully everything goes well~