Friday, October 4, 2013

Oh boy, it's October already!

When I was back @Calarts last month, I thought time will be so slow that even a snail would be laughing at it, but...oh wow, it has been a month already. I suppose time does have sweaty running feet hidden under its armpit. I'll put more deodorant on it so it will go on smoother.

All right, what to say. Ah yes, my film.
Now I'm state of "animating"...kind of.
I finished my animatic this week, and I just need to make some small changes to be done for sure!
Hopefully, I finish at least half portion of the film by this semester, so I can be in a haven of relief for the next semester.....while I'm finishing my unfinished 2nd year..(ouch!)

Well, since I was rolling around in a pool of nerveless,
this year I'll work double amount of I gave up to do during last year.

I hope it goes well...and I guess I'll keep on posting about a progress..;)

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