Saturday, September 14, 2013

Oh Hello again

I guess it is really hard for me to keep up with both Tumblr and Blogger at the same time.
Well, hi again! It's been a really REALLY long time.
Ummm...Well...Now I am BFA III in CalArts(Wow, time does go fast), 
and I'm trying to make a game when I graduate.
mmmm....Maybe I'll work on my film also...But I find myself being more delightful when I make rules and systems.....So...yep! Nobody knows what will happen in the future! But I'll try my best.

Here are some idea sketches for the characters in the games that I am working on.
I am almost done with a story for the first one, but I still have to work on the second one.

Wella wella wella...I'll do my best! Bye bye!

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