Monday, September 23, 2013


AHhhh Happy September 23rd! AHST! I just made this day special. Ok, not really.
Well, here are more doodles of "Somewhat Odd".
I want to submit this in....umm..some sorta board game contest.
I'm done with making rules and board design and now I just need to
set up all the details in cards and items!

I hope to finish this by this winter, so I can beta-test this with my friends when I head back home :D

And bunnies!
I was practicing the character from one of my film ideas haha.
This actually makes me crave for mochi....hmm...

And......yeah, another idea sketch.
Actually, I'm thinking of making this as a simple PC game...using RPG Gamemaker.
It's about a boy who is deported from his town because of his unknown disease.
He secretly lives in a sewer and watches town goes around without him.

....For those who know me....yep.....another dark story. haha.

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